Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baby Shower Craft: Bunting!

I just realized I never posted baby shower crafts from my best friend's baby shower!

Jessica and I (Brianne) along with my other BFF Ari helped lead a craft at the shower and it was a big success!

look at these cuties

materials you will need:
fusible tape (magic!)
poster board (for stencils)
fabric pens
pinking shears
iron (& board)

before the shower prep:
 the first step is to pick out your fabric

Amanda's nursery theme is yellow and gray, and we found some really cute fabric to match!

next, decide how big you want your flags to be
(you don't want them to look like the Nightmare Before Christmas)

we made ours 5 inches across and 6 inches down to the point, creating an isosceles triangle

the easiest way I found to draw them was to keep the 5" section on the edge of the paper, draw a 6" line down the poster board right in the middle of the top edge, and then use a ruler to draw the sides of the triangle

depending on how many guests there are, make an appropriate amount of flag stencils

you'll also want to have stencils for people to use on their flags

we google searched for simple images to use
here are some ideas: heart, flowers, giraffe, elephant, numbers, letters, shapes

just print out the shapes and then cut them out on your poster board

you should have all this prep work done before the shower, then bring everything along for the guests to create!
it's a good idea to have an example for them to see as well

at the shower instructions:
 start with making your flag

turn fabric to the back side to trace so the marks aren't on the front
fold over your fabric to trace it putting the top edge on your crease, that way your flag is double ply and you can pull your string through the top

we had our guests write blessings on the back of their flags, giving the craft a little more of a personal touch! 
it also allows the less-crafty people to participate more

once the blessing is written, over to the ironing board to stick the flag sides together

take 2 pieces of fusible tape and put them on the inside edges of your flag
leave about 1/2-1 inch at the top open

the fusible tape should have directions on the package
on ours, it said to iron with a damp cloth 10 seconds on each side

look at my cute little sister

ironing is fun!

after the sides are ironed together, pick out what shapes you want on your flag

it's good to have a mix of simple and busy, and 1-3 shapes is best

trace the backside of the fabric with your choice of stencils and cut them out (pencil works better than pen for not bleeding through)

 decide how you want to arrange the cutouts on your flag, then use fusible tape 
& the iron to stick them on in place


it doesn't take too much tape to get them to stay on since this will be just hanging somewhere rather than worn or used

look how great they turned out!

we found they weren't holding up very well just strung through at the top, so I went back in with a sewing machine to sew the very top of the flags just about a quarter of an inch down, making the string easier to go through them

since I'm so late in posting this, here's a bonus: a pic of little miss Layla now!

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