Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY: map coasters!

how to make nifty map coasters

what you need: 
tiles or coasters (I used some I already had) 
maps (get extra! they'll always come in handy)
-->you could alternately use photos<--
mod podge
top-coat acrylic spray
(tip: if you're using tiles like mine with grooves in them, you can get a type of tile glue at ace hardware to fill in the grooves first)

trace your coasters onto the map with pencil
I chose areas of San Francisco with some significance (our house, the ballpark, etc.)

cut out the square
(tip: longer scissors make for straighter lines!)

cover the tile with mod podge and stick on the square, then add another layer of mod podge on top

let dry for about a day

after they are dry, spray with the top coat and let them dry

(tip: do this outside!!!!)

and here they are! easy and useful, and my hubby loved them!

you can also wrap your presents with your extra maps! 


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