Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chalkboard Pots

armed with some chalkboard spray paint, blue painters tape, lots of newspaper and some pots, Jessica set out to make chalkboard labels on pots

what you need:
chalkboard spray paint
painters tape**

**note: the painters tape did not work well to keep the spray paint off on a rounded surface! 

on the first try, we taped the top and bottom of the pot carefully, then sprayed the exposed part

be sure to spray the chalkboard paint in a very well ventilated area, or outside

leave the pots to dry for at least an hour or two

unfortunately, the painters tape did not work very well to cover the pot on the rounded surface, so we decided to spray paint the entire pot instead, which still turned out great! 

final product! 
even without the non-painted top and bottom, it's cute and perfect for potted herbs or flowers


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