Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inspired by: Wedding Chicks Free Printables

These are awesome free printables that can be used for party or wedding invitations, baby or bridal shower decorations, escort cards, or as I used them recently- party food labels. They can really pull together a food spread and add a pop of color! 

Template I used: Ombre Escort Cards

They are so easy to do, just choose your design template and colors, enter the titles you want, and create a print!  A printable document is created with four labels per page that you can print out on any normal printer using cardstock or glossy paper.

*A special Thank You to Rhiana Moussa of Super Fancy Chef for her wise recipe planning help, especially the Rosemary Pancetta Scones and Tea Party Salad recipes. These are the perfect summer brunch recipes!*

[Photo credit: Nikki Riley of Brown Paper Booth]


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