Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY: Baby Name Letters

these letters turned out really cute and weren't too hard to make!

what you need:
wooden letters
glue / hot glue gun

first, choose what fabric you want for each letter

trace your letter over the fabric with pencil (back side) and cut about 1/2" - 1" around that line
that will be the main piece of fabric

you'll notice that this doesn't cover the curved parts of the letters very well

for any edge that doesn't get covered by the original fabric, cut a piece of matching fabric to cover that part

even if the fabric has a pattern, it shouldn't show much because it's on the edge

overlapping on the back is fine

glue those curved edge pieces down first, then start on the main piece

start from the top edge and work your way down, gluing only the edges of the fabric

you shouldn't need to glue the front of the letter to the fabric,
only the edges should be enough to hold it down

once you get all your letters done, then you can add embellishments, like fabric flowers and buttons

to make fabric flowers, take a long, skinny piece of fabric and twist it, 
then turn it around in a spiral gluing it along the way

now you're done!

makes for a great present, though you probably want to make sure there is room for it in the nursery!


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