Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: Hex Nut Braided Bracelet

how to create a beautiful industrial hex nut bracelet for your everyday life!

what you need:
a few yards of twine
small brass hex nuts
clasps for the end of the bracelet
something heavy (like a wine bottle!) to hold down the end of your bracelet

cut off three strands of twine, all the same length 

start by tying a knot at the end with 1-2 inches hanging off

 to hold the string steady, a book, wine bottle, or a pan of freshly baked brownies works well

braid the strands for about 12 inches 

this part might get difficult, so you may need the extra hands of a friend!

take one of the hex nuts and loop it onto one stitch of the braid
secure it into place in the braid with your finger and continue to braid 2 more stiches, then add another hex nut to either the same or the other side

continue this pattern, tightening it as you go

after you have as much as many hex nuts as desired, continue braiding for as long as you'd like your bracelet, then tie a knot the end 
attach a clasp to each end

the double-sided pattern...

and the single-sided pattern!


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