Monday, February 20, 2012

JOY yarn letters

these yarn letters make for a great mantlepiece or bedroom display

what you need:
mod podge or hot glue
paint brush
wooden or plastic letters (we got ours from Michaels Crafts)

tie the yarn onto the letter with a simple knot 

start wrapping the yarn around the letter

depending on the letter, you can start in the middle or on the edges

use mod podge on the curves of the letter to help keep the yarn in place, or on the edges to help the yarn cover the surface completely 

you might need to do multiple layers in some areas to cover both the top and the sides

final product - so joyous!

cheerful display for Valentine's Day! 

**notice the Lace Candles behind the letters from our first post

I (Tanya) gave these JOY letters to my lovely sister, Nicole, for her birthday 

I hope these letters bring warmth and inspiration to her home!

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  1. Two things I love. I LOVE the way the yarn wraps so nicely around that J. I also LOVE your mantel and the design asthetic! Lovely. Good craft, I need to do make myself some letters.


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