Sunday, August 3, 2014

DIY: Painted Pots

need to take your average terra cotta pots to the next level? paint them!

what you'll need:

terra cotta pots and coasters (any size!)
spray paint
painters tape
a complimentary paint color (we used non-spray paint for the accent color)

start by applying a coat (or two) of spray paint on your pots. be sure to check the dry time on your paint, so that it's dry before you apply the accent color.

tip: be sure to paint the inside of your pots, so that whatever is visible once the plant is in there is the right color (and not terra cotta).

we painted the coasters in the accent color, to add a bit of fun.

once your base color is dry, use painters tape to create the shapes you want (we did triangles and diagonal lines).

give it a day to dry (trust us!) before you remove the tape.

and voila!

find some succulents or your favorite plant, and you are done!

what colors did you combine? what plants did you use? 

happy crafting!


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