Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY: Paper Flowers Version 1 - Tissue Paper Flowers

I (Jessica) have been obsessed with the idea of paper flowers for months now...they seem to be the latest trend in DIY, and for good reason. At a recent craft night, we tackled two versions of the paper flower, and they turned out beautifully!

You can store them pretty easily, so you can use them multiple times! They might get a little crumpled, but you just need to take them out and fluff them up. 


what you need:
tissue paper in various colors
wire or pipe cleaners

cut your tissue paper into 10" squares (you can make the squares any size, depending on what size flowers you want; we learned that squares work best)

carefully select 6 squares of tissue paper

line them up 

starting from the bottom, fold up accordion-style in about 1" folds

once it's all folded up, fold the accordion in half

fold a piece of wire over the middle

cut the ends of your tissue paper into either triangle or circular shape

you can also cut fringe into the ends to create different looks

starting from the top layer of tissue paper, start pulling the tissue away one layer at a time

fluff it all the way out and you're done! 

we made a mountain of flowers, and they have already been used at multiple events. 

happy crafting!


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