Friday, June 26, 2015

DIY: Paper Flowers Version 2 - Rolled Paper Flowers

To continue with the theme of paper is an incredibly easy way to make rolled paper flowers! These are a bit more sturdy than the tissue paper flowers, but just as easy to make.

what you need:
a heavier weight paper, in various colors (i used cardstock)
hot glue gun
dowels (i used skewers, and they worked great)

cut your paper into 6" squares (you can vary the sizes for different sized flowers)

cut the corners so they are rounded

cut a continuous spiral (does not need to be perfect! the waves create texture on what will become the petals)

you'll end up with something like this:

starting from the outside, roll the paper tightly

keep rolling!

when you reach the center, you will not be able to roll any further

the un-rolled section will become the base of the flower

don't worry if you let it go, it will stay rolled and look like this:

next, place a big dot of hot glue on the bottom layer

push down

voila! rolled paper flower!

turn over your flower, and put a dot of hot glue down; press your skewer into the hot glue (and hold it there until it dries a little bit, should only take a few seconds)

you can cut the skewers to varying lengths to give the flowers depth once they are put into a vase

you can group together in vases, an easy centerpiece! our flowers live on the entry table


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